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We launched our fist body jewelry line in the year of 1989, and since then, we have followed every market demand, every western standard and every regulation of Code of Conduct just to make it possible for you to follow us through this shiny and hopefully long journey of serving you best quality silver jewelry.

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KS piercing got you covered. We came up with every way possible to combine best quality, best silver, best prices, conversed styles into one little piece of jewelry, just so you can cover any part of your body. Stainless steel and guaranteed quality of our piercing jewelry can assure you that your well being is at top of our “to do” list.

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As a part of our constantly growing KS group, we treat you as one of our own; and what do our people have in common? Exceptional taste, well being, royal treatment and many other things. No matter if you are our employee or client, getting involved into our silver world can provide you only the best.

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